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A nationwide movement to cultivate ‘Science as an Attitude’ in every child.

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Har Ghar Balloon Car - A STEM learning initiative in India.

The play-based learning approach has the potential to leap-frog learning & enhance the confidence levels of children leading to a reduction in stress levels, & increasing joy, fulfilment & happiness, intriguing children into STEM learning.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1What is the Har Ghar Ballloon Car Campaign?

It is a world-wide movement towards awareness and appreciation of “science as an attitude” using a simple balloon car kit. We have begun this journey in December 2022, in partnership with Godrej Industries, where we will conduct 15,000 balloon car activities with volunteers across 70 national and international locations.

The Har Ghar Balloon Car Challenge will give children an opportunity to learn 55+ concepts of Physics like Distance, Displacement, Momentum, Newton’s laws of Motion, Pressure, Force, Work, Energy & so on by making a simple Balloon Car.

The balloon car kit costs Rs 100/- per child where each child can make a balloon car and upload it on the LIFE App to win exciting prizes.

Children studying in Government Schools across India in rural and semi urban areas will be part of the campaign.

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